Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Which components of GT&F Milk Powder may help Metabolic Syndrome?

Research found that there are multiple factors that lead to metabolic syndrome such as marked reduction in physical activity, poor eating habit (particularly food that is rich in saturated fat and salt) and the very important factor that does not gain much attention until lately – the lack of certain crucial nutrients. One of them is trivalent chromium. As a consequence of the ignorance of such crucial nutrients, more and more people fall prey to the deadly metabolic syndrome.
Trivalent chromium has been in the limelight of scientific research. Trivalent Chromium is a kind of essential trace mineral that cannot be made by the body; it can only be obtained from diet. Chromium is found in whole grains, beans, brewer’s yeast, liver, black pepper and molasses. Unfortunately, our intake of chromium is generally much less than 50 mcg as recommended. There are several factors contributing to the deficiency of this trace mineral in our body.
It was discovered by Dr Walter Mertz as an essential part of glucose tolerance factor (GTF). GTF is a compound made up of biologically active trivalent chromium, vitamins and amino acids. GTF is a cofactor for insulin and it potentates the action of insulin.
For normal functioning of insulin, glucose tolerance factor (GTF) is necessary for insulin the utilization of glucose and fat in the body. As the central part of GTF, chromium enhances the effect of insulin in the body. Specifically, it improves the uptake of glucose into the cells so it can be metabolized to produce energy (ATP). GTF works by activating insulin pathway and thus helping to lower the blood sugar, triglyceride and cholesterol.
Therefore, supplementation of trivalent chromium is the must for those with metabolic syndrome specifically and everyone who care for health generally. After the discovery of health benefits of GTF chromium, thousands of scientific researches have been carried out to produce GTF products.

GT&F Products were classified as food by Food Safety and Quality Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia. There are superior health food supplements that bring noticeable positive results.

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