Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stevia stimulates the release of insulin and normalizes the response to glucose type 2 diabetes

Stevia has been widely used as sweeteners and health supplements in Japan, Korea, Canada and the United States. Japan and Korea using Stevia extracts have been used for more than 30 years as a natural sweetener in carbonated drinks, fruit juices, health and sports drinks, yogurt, and pudding desserts, snacks, sweets, chocolate, pastry, noodles, soy sauce , pickles, and biscuits. More than 150 medical studies confirm that Stevia is not toxic and safe for human consumption. Stevia is also used to treat diabetes and hypertension in Germany and Japan.

Dr. Patrick B. Massey has noted in the Daily Herald (May 20, 2002): "Stevia has some very interesting properties. It has no calories but has actions similar to several currently used medications. It stimulates the release of insulin and normalizes the response to glucose, especially in type 2 diabetes. It is used in Latin America as an inexpensive therapy for hyperglycemia”

In 1986, Brazilian researchers from the Universities of Maringa and Sao Paolo evaluated the role of Stevia in blood sugar (Curi, 1986). Sixteen healthy volunteers were given extracts of 5 grams of Stevia leaves every six hours for three days. The extracts from the leaves were prepared by immersing them in boiling water for 20 minutes. A glucose tolerance test (GTT) was performed before and after the administration of the extract and the results were compared to another group who did not receive the Stevia extracts.

During a GTT, patients are given a glass of water with glucose and their blood sugar levels are evaluated over the next few hours. Those who have a predisposition to diabetes will have a marked rise in blood sugar levels.

The volunteers on Stevia were found to have significantly lower blood sugar levels after ingestion of Stevia. This is a positive indication that a can potentially be beneficial to diabetics who substitute Stevia in order to decrease their sugar consumption.

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