Thursday, December 25, 2008

GT&F International Shipment

GTF Worldwide (MAlaysia) Sdn Bhd is appointed by Maxluck Biotechnology Corporation as Sole Distributor for East Asian Market. It is including Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Philipine, Inodesia, Vietnam and Singapore.

Currently i gear up my initiative to expand the Syndrome-X Awareness Program through introducing this most successful GTF Supplement worldwide.

Currently some of the international customer has been successfully order this product are:
1. Mr Kubik, Western Autralia
2. Mr Gerardo, Monterrey, Mexico
3. Mr Koji, Singapore
4. Mr Nestler, Florida, USA

FAQ via Email clarification also shown over whelming respond.

Courier by Air through Pos Malaysia (Malaysia Government Link Company who in charge mail and parcel delivery to International destination)

1. For international market, currently order done by Paypal.
2. You are also allow to do payment through Western Union under name SHAHRUDDIN MOHAMAD NOR, Local Bank is CIMB, Putrajaya, Malaysia

Normally it take about 10-14 days. Some will take 20 days. For Australia and Mexico it will take about 14 days only.

1. If you did not received the parcel after 30 days, I WILL REFUND your money. I will do this after i do clarification with local courier.
a. Please email me your name and full address if you fail to receive your parcel from day order (date of paypal establish order).
b. Give 15-20 days do clarification and complaint with local courier either the parcel was lost by courier carelessness, misplace or misroute.
c. I will refund you money 30 days after receiving your complaint. I will refund you money if lost by courier carelessness, misplace or misroute

Notes : I have advised by Pos Malaysia that for health food supplement are not allow to send or courier to Europe Country because of restricted rules apply by the government. So sorry about that.

Study Show That Recommended Diet for Diabetics May Need Changing

Please take notes for all diabetic.

Article taken from The New York Times published:

People with Type 2 diabetes on a high-fiber diet kept their blood sugar under better control when they ate foods like beans and nuts instead of the recommended whole-grain diet, researchers have found.

Beans and nuts are among foods that only modestly increase blood glucose levels; scientists describe these foods as having a low glycemic index. The new study, which lasted six months, is one of the largest and longest to assess the impact of foods with a low-glycemic index, researchers said.

Participants on the low-glycemic diet also saw significant improvements in cholesterol after six months, with increases in HDL, the so-called “good” cholesterol associated with a reduced risk of heart disease, the study found.

As you know GT&F® NutriCARE-Kids is a dietary supplement with unique blends of 18 multi grains and cereal fiber with buttermilk powder fortified with trace element Lactoferrin Chromium. It helps to promote general healthy growth, memory and concentration particularly for kids. Not limited to children, this product may help to enhance bone and muscle mass, reduces cholesterol level and controls body weight for adult as well.