Saturday, May 31, 2008

What is the metabolic syndrome?

The metabolic syndrome is characterized by a group of metabolic risk factors in one person. They include:

* Abdominal obesity (excessive fat tissue in and around the abdomen)
* Atherogenic dyslipidemia (blood fat disorders — high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol and high LDL cholesterol — that foster plaque buildups in artery walls)
* Elevated blood pressure
* Insulin resistance or glucose intolerance (the body can’t properly use insulin or blood sugar)
* Prothrombotic state (e.g., high fibrinogen or plasminogen activator inhibitor–1 in the blood)
* Proinflammatory state (e.g., elevated C-reactive protein in the blood)

People with the metabolic syndrome are at increased risk of coronary heart disease and other diseases related to plaque buildups in artery walls (e.g., stroke and peripheral vascular disease) and type 2 diabetes. The metabolic syndrome has become increasingly common in the United States. It’s estimated that over 50 million Americans have it.

The dominant underlying risk factors for this syndrome appear to be abdominal obesity and insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a generalized metabolic disorder, in which the body can’t use insulin efficiently. This is why the metabolic syndrome is also called the insulin resistance syndrome.

Other conditions associated with the syndrome include physical inactivity, aging, hormonal imbalance and genetic predisposition.

Some people are genetically predisposed to insulin resistance. Acquired factors, such as excess body fat and physical inactivity, can elicit insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome in these people. Most people with insulin resistance have abdominal obesity. The biologic mechanisms at the molecular level between insulin resistance and metabolic risk factors aren’t fully understood and appear to be complex.


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Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Dairy

Experiences As Diabetic

October 2007 - Through clinical test, My blood glucose is 7.8 mmol/L

22 March 2008 - Unfortunately My blood glucose is 14.0 mmol/L. This clinical test taken after 7 days in diet. I start to take Bitter Melon Capsule 3 times daily.

29 March 2008 - My blood glucose is 12.0 mmol/L. Clinical test done after fasting with two week in diet. Doctor start advised me to take drug pill with quantity 2 tablet daily.

30 March 2008 - I start to take supplement GT&F Milk Powder with 2 capsules daily 30 minute before breakfast. Now I start to take GT&F capsule + Bitter Melon Capsule + Drug pill for diabetes. And control my diet progressively.

12 April 2008 - My blood glucose is 7.0 mmol/L.

10 May 2008 - My blood glucose is drop to 5.9mmol/L event after 2 days without taking daily drug from hospital. Doctor advised me change taking drug pills with quantity from 2 tablet to one tablet daily before lunch.

17 May 2008 - I just upgrade myself from personal consumer become a mobile stockist. It will give me more flexibility to help my relative and all my friend to consume this product efficiently .

23 July 2008 - My blood glucose is drop to 6.9mmol/L after 7 days without taking drug from hospital. GT&F daily taken is 4 tablet, 2 tablet for morning and another 2 tablet before dinner.

August 27, 2008 - My blood glucose is 6.9mmol/L after one month without taking drug from hospital. It quite impressive because glocuse level still regulated even though i have taken ice-cream and fun-fried 6 hours before. Still maintenance 2 capsule morning and 2 capsule night with 30-60 minutes in before taking meal.

Sept 13, 2008 - My glucose level is 6.6mmol/L. Do reading 7.30am (during ramadhan).

Oct 11, 2008 - Reading taken 8.00am, last night dinner 8.00pm. Result 6.5mmol/L.

07 Nov 2008 - 7.1mmol/L. Reading taken 7.01am. Last meal (supper) 9.00pm, 6 Nov 2008.

06 Dec 2008 - 7.0mmol/L. Reading taken 8.30am.

Will update accordingly.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

How important GTF in our body.

For your information, not all of us know how important GTF in our body.

GTF is a compound consist of trivalent chromium plus minerals, vitamin, and amino acids. Healthy people obtain trivalent chromium through diet, and chromium is then being converted to GTF to assist in glucose metabolism. However, overwork, pregnancy, obesity, old age, alcoholism, surgery, and disease can cause excessive loss of GTF in the body through secretion of urine and hence causing GTF deficiency.

One of the product which can provide supplement to boost up GTF in our body is GTF
Chromium plus Lactoferrin.

This product is produced through intensive biotechnology research in Taiwan.

Here with i attach some of the verify testimonial that will tell you by true experience by using GTF Chromium
Some of them are:

Mr Hendry Yap
"To my amazement, 20 days after consuming this product, the gangrene-
like condition and scaring on my skin started to improve. 3 months
later, my blood glucose dropped from 13 mmol/L to 7 or 8 mmol/L. 6
months later, my blood glucose dipped to 5.1mmol/L. Besides these, my
overall health conditions also had improved significantly."

Mrs Ho Lai Foong
"After consuming this GT&F Milk Powder for more than 3 months, my
blood glucose level dropped from 19 mmol/L to 6 mmol/Lnow. My blood
glucose level had significantly improved and I am very confident of
this GT&F Milk Powder."

Mrs. Rozita (Balakong, Malaysia)
"After several month consuming this product, doctor was told me that my
internal organ including kidney are improve dramatically and my
glucose drop to 8.5mmol/L average and keep in improvement"

This product has been recognized as HALAL Product through the following body:
NO : 951118
Date of Registration : Nov 18, 2006
Date of Expiration : Nov 17, 2009
Address : 62, Hsin Sheng, South Rad Sec 2, Taipei, Taiwan. ROC
Tel : 886-2-2321-9445 Fax : 886-2-2393-5283
Product : GT&F Milk Powder (M-Vital GT&F)
Producer : Maxluck BioTechnology Corp
Signature : Salahudin Ma Choa Yen, Chairman Taipei Grand Mosque

For whom facing diabetes problem or your relatives/friends/ are diabetics, so read this article and understand it.
This GTF agent can heal and recover our body then to control high content sugar in our body. Some potentially can recover our organ including unstable kidney and pancreas to produce insulin to our body and back to normal progressively.

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